Beyond Serverless: AutoCompute

Serverless or, to be more precise, Functions as a Service, is the latest computing paradigm enabled and hosted by the cloud. These serverless functions are triggered by either actions of user applications or cloud service configuration changes and supplied with accompanying events generated. There is no explicit infrastructure to manage to run these functions; that’s why it’s serverless. It’s definitely a big win: a powerful means of integration for the whole platform serving both user applications and platform services with almost zero infrastructural and operational cost. However, serverless functions still need the code you write. Right? Is there an alternative? Yes, it’s not a novel approach indeed or something you don’t know but it’s a major trend in cloud computing and I call it AutoCompute! Continue reading Beyond Serverless: AutoCompute

AWS IoT and Amazon Cloud Directory

I strongly believe that next version of #AWS #IoT Thing Registry will be based on Amazon Cloud Directory either explicitly or implicitly.

Anticipating new SaaS products from AWS

Recently, AWS announced Amazon Connect, a Contact Center Service based on the same contact center technology used by Amazon customer service associates around the world. I’m not going go into the details of the service here but I’ll highlight the trends that I observe about how AWS is developing and positioning new services, particularly SaaS products, within its portfolio. Continue reading Anticipating new SaaS products from AWS